Feb 15

What Happened?

Yes, it’s been a while! I got so busy doing the PR Sewing Bee, then the holidays, and then ….. Ok, here is what happened with the Sewing Bee.

Round 3’s challenge was to make the Winter Street Dress┬áin two knit fabrics. Here is my entry, done in a puckered poly knit and a stretch faux leather.

Winter Street Dress

I added the keyhole neckline (it’s bound with the stretch faux leather), changed the front skirt pleats, added a waist yoke and changed the rear pleats to gathers. I like it and it fits perfectly.

It was good enough to bring me forward to Round 4: pants, made with a non-stretch fabric. OMG!!!! I had only made stretch leggings, yoga pants, and non-stretch pj pants before this.

I knew fit would be scrutinized so I started by trying on all the pants in my closet. I had a pair of Calvin Klein wool trousers that fit very nicely. I was going to trace them off for a pattern but noticed a small hole on one butt cheek area. Not a good area for a repair! I took the pants apart to use as a pattern for my challenge pants.

I decided to build on my very successful A-line skirt idea, this time with the idea of Pantalons (French for pants) (pants is another word for underwear in the UK so I wasn’t going to use the word on mine). I went with a street fashion style in a blue hemp canvas-type fabric from my stash. I used a Clorox bleach pen to bleach them, and a Sharpie marker to mark on them. They’re fun!

Pantalon pants

How did it all shake out? I pretty much came in 2nd. Not bad…we started with 140 entries and went down to um, 11 or 12 in the final round…that was waaay further than I thought I’d go. I won an awesome scissors set from Pattern Review, too!