A Feel-Good Shirt: Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic

I have a Land’s End pull-over tunic that is just so perfect for me – fit, shape, fabric, etc. It’s 100% cotton and has some fancy-ish faux hand stitching around the placket and pockets, it’s just loose enough and long enough to wear with leggings, but not too oversized. I’ve been eyeing tunic patterns looking to make similar to that holy grail tunic. The Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic/Dress was my first try.

Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic

I made it up in Robert Kaufman’s Chambray Mini Cannabis Leaf print. Is that a pot leaf on that fabric? Yup – it sure is! It’s all about relieving suffering for people with medical conditions. No, I’m not a pot-head! I’ve just seen too much suffering.

Anyway, the tunic has a few options – band or regular collar, long or cuffed 3/4 sleeves, tunic or dress length. I kept it simple with a band collar but used long sleeves. The pattern is very nice and the instructions are very easy to follow. The sizing and ease is what you would expect from this type of garment. I did my normal pear adjustment and went up a size in the hips.

My only complaint is something that was my fault – it feels a little plain. I should have put the regular collar on it as I don’t think band collar do me any good. It screams at me that it needs patch pockets and yes I can still add those, and I think the sleeves would be better as the cuffed 3/4 length.

Gallery tunic back

Despite the details I should have added, I still love this tunic! It’s so easy to wear and feels great on. I will be making more of these.


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  1. I think it’s just wonderful! Not too plain at all. I do like the idea of added pockets, but otherwise, it seems to be a perfect shirt. Well done!

  2. I think this looks great on you. Love the casual vibe.

    • Sounds like you need another visionary to run this business for you – it sounds like a fantastic idea…if only I didn’t live so far away. I think we need to continue to try our ideas whenever possible, even if/when they don’t work out the way we hoped or pls&endn#8230;ian’t that the spice of life? Was it Edison or Einstein that tried like 100 or 1000 inventions before “the one”?

  3. I agree with the others it looks lovely, I actually like the stand collar, I did a little cocked head thingy when you mentioned patch pockets I’m on the fence about those. It’s the kind of garment that will look even better with age, you’ll love it then.

  4. Martha Wheaton

    I read about you on Rhonda Buss blog. The creations she featured by you are stunning! Curious, I read your blog, enjoying your writing style, thoughts on your garment creations along with the process and that you obviously love your dog.
    I’d like to invite you to a Creative Clothing Club meeting on any 4th Tuesday of any month (except Dec) in Troy, MI. Email me for additional information . . . If you are interested.

  5. I love this tunic! I have some fairly thick cotton batik fabric for which I need a pattern. It’s very soft but not especially drapey. Do you think this pattern would work for it?

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