Jacket Express Craftsy Class

Over on Pattern Review there was a sew-along for people enrolled in the Sew Better, Sew Faster, Garment Industry Secrets Craftsy Class by Janet Pray. In the class Janet takes you through the construction of her Jacket Express pattern, while teaching you industry techniques to improve and speed up your sewing skills. We learned things like pinless sewing, burrito technique for yokes and cuffs, topstitching and cutting tips. The class was well worth my time and money because I’m finding that I’m automatically using these techniques in my sewing without thinking about it, and yes, I’m sewing faster!

I used a grey linen for my jacket. I only had 2 yards so I made a collarless version, still keeping the same linen for the facings, yoke and pockets. I could have switched things up with another fabric but I wanted a clean, simple look. To make it collarless I just copied the shape of the neckline to make a facing (a technique I learned in another Craftsy class: Underneath It All with Linda Lee). Then I attached that facing piece to the front facing and I was good to go with the rest of the instructions. You do have to be exact with the measurements around that curve for a nice, clean look.

Jacket Express linen

I really loved doing the topstitching! I used two threads through one needle of a light grey poly thread. I admit a good part of my success was from using a topstitch needle from Superior Threads – what a nice needle – and my old Bernina 1230, which makes such a beautiful stitch.

Jacket Express linen back1

I adjusted the fit by taking in the waist a small amount, and I expanded the hip area as much as the side seam allowances would allow, then adjusted the facing the same amount. The upper back looks a bit baggy, but that room is nice when I put the jacket on over something thicker or when I need some extra movement room.

Jacket Express linen side


Recently Craftsy put up another Janet Pray jacket construction class, The Motor City Express in Sew Better, Sew Smarter, Smart Construction. I nabbed that one when it was on sale for $19.99, and I’m looking forward to making it soon.

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  1. I love your jacket and am in awe of the fit. It’s really great! I am pleased with mine as well, but the jacket is far too big in the sleeves, cuffs and back. I will make it again, and use a more durable fabric, and work out the fitting issues. Would you like me to link to you blog or PR when I write my blog re: this class?

    • Thanks, Mary! I think I got lucky with the fit. Fee free to link to my blog, but really either one is fine 🙂

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  2. You look fantastic as always. And that top stitching! Look forward to seeing this in person!

  3. That looks fantastic! Better than RTW because it is PERFECTION.
    I have watched that class 2x and have an Elna Press (that I love) as a result. But I have not made the jacket…yet…it is on my list for this year!

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