Little White Denim Jacket

I’ve had a serious hankering for a white denim jacket for a long time. Something to wear with blue jeans that wasn’t blue. Yes I know they say that blue denim with blue denim is hot right now but ugh, I’m not there yet. A couple months ago I ordered some white-ish stretch denim from FabricMart thinking I would make some pants with it, but every time I touched it, it said “jacket”. So I made Butterick 6169, a Lisette pattern. Yes this is me in my socks with Birkinstocks…hey that’s how I live!


I had earlier made a trial version of a size 10 B6169 in a sweatshirt fleece and found it too big, so this time I forged ahead and tried a size 8 with no pattern alterations, and it fits pretty darn good.

B6169 side

The upper back of the sleeves has a few wrinkles, as does that upper back on the right, but this is a casual jacket so it doesn’t bother me at all. I had to skimp on the sleeve hem allowance so if I make this again I’ll lengthen the sleeve, although I wear them rolled up most of the time. Oh – this pattern is known for it’s teeny-tiny pockets so I just enlarged my pocket bags.

B6169 back

The lining is a poly crepe (non-stretch) with stars all over it – it makes me so happy to look at it! Overall I’m so danged pleased with this jacket! It gets a lot of love from other people too, and now I know why 🙂

Oh – if you make this, check out the sew-along here at the Lisette Blog. I lays things out nicely and shows how to bag the lining instead of the fiddly Butterick instructions.

B6169 sleeves rolled

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  1. Beautiful, and so flattering on you.

  2. This in’gthiss just the way to kick life into this debate.

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