Marcy Tilton Vogue 9112 – the Cirque Dress

I finished this creation last month…and haven’t worn it once, despite the hellishly hot weather we’ve been having. I put it on to wear to the DIA (perfect place for a dress like this) but took it off and wore something else, telling Mr. Domestic that I didn’t have a purse to go with it. Maybe I just didn’t feel “right” wearing it. Maybe it’s because I only wear dresses about 3 times a year?

Vogue 9112 Cirque Dress

This is Vogue 9112, also known as the Cirque Dress, by Marcy Tilton. I’ve made several Tilton creations in the past, like here and here, and a few I haven’t posted about (yet?), and love love love them. But this time I’m on the fence.

Vogue 9112

I feel so overwhelmed by so much fabric. Do I look overwhelmed? The plain fabric is a blue linen from FabricMart, the print is also linen from Mood.

Vogue 9112

I made a couple changes when I made this, starting with the collar. The original stands up at attention so much that I felt like I was trying to hide my face, so I flipped it down, showing a bit more skin at the neck area. I also lengthened it at the hem a few inches as I have a fear of billowy dresses blowing up high enough to show my underpants…just don’t want to take that chance. The extra length probably adds to my “too much fabric” feeling.

I’m showing a bit of bra under the arm, so to experiment I’ve pinned the dress up about 1″ at the shoulders (no photo yet) that hides the bra and helps the length too. But I’m thinking of going further… I want to chop this up and shorten it into a tunic length. Thoughts? Stay tuned….

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  1. Deb, it is really cute, and a perfect dress for casual events. It doesn’t overwhelm you but is a strong statement with the contrast. If you have not reached for it, you probably are seeing something I don’t see on my screen. I made one in a pale blue linen and I like it because it is a low contrast dress for my coloring. A tunic would be wonderful.

  2. Vancouver Barbara

    I made that dress and it was a disaster, alas. Trying to find a remedy because I like it on other people but on me– gaaah!!! Even Marcy had toadd length and sleeves.
    Love your photo bombing dog. Is he wearing underpants in the photo on the Bullets About Me page?
    Love your work. Looking forward to seeing the mystery project with all the zippers.

  3. It’s quite cute on you and I like it. But, I cannot wait to see what you (re)create. It looks like a great challenge.

  4. I like this on your very much. I just finished one and I agree, I think shortening it to a tunic would be even better!
    The collar was a bit too much for me, too, so I just made a regular neckband. I also used a knit for the sleeves I added and I like the result.

  5. My tunic version looks great on and I haven’t worn it either! What is up with that? My BSF (best sewing friend) wears hers constantly and gets a ton of compliments. Maybe we should just wear it and see how people react…

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  7. Well done on persisting and getting it so right. It looks good. I’ve had a few fails with Tilton patterns and I see now I need to go back to the drawing board instead of giving up on them. Maybe a muslin first ….!

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