McCalls 7093 Raglan Top

Ahhhhh, here I am trying to catch up on posting…we’ll see how it goes. I get into moods where I just don’t want to sit and type anything. I’d rather be sewing, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

A couple days ago I finished McCalls 7093. I like the shape of the pattern and how it lends itself to color-blocking. It has variations for pockets and slits and is long enough to wear over leggings (or leggins…which always makes me giggle).

I cut the front and back from a multicolor rayon challis from FabricMart. The fabric is wonderful – drapey and substantial enough to make sewing and cutting very easy. It also hides pretty much anything you spill on it. I took these photos after eating BBQ chicken that landed on my chest, and cooking up a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam (splatter city). The sleeves are a woven poly/rayon crinkle.

McCalls 7093

No, I didn’t get all creative with color-blocking. I really wanted to make the back all black but in the summer I hate wearing black backed tops – way too hot in the sun. The black sleeves will be bad enough. I made view A with the side front slits. I love the slits and the way the top moves in the breeze – it feels wonderful.

I really dislike the sleeves. There are shoulder darts that are just awkward. Doing the shoulder darts in the crinkle fabric was a disaster. See my right shoulder point in the photo above? The left one has a point too, it’s just harder to see. I sewed them a few times, even cut new pieces but nope, they are just awkward. I normally sew a fine (non-pointy or dimpled) dart.

M7093 back


I made a size 14 but took it in above the waist a couple inches. There is a bit of an underarm gap but I’ve had worse. It probably would have been better to make a 12 and just flare it out to a 14 over the hip.

It’s a great top for casual stay at home wear (playing in the yard with the dog wearing garden clogs and very old faded capris? Yes!), I doubt I’ll wear it out anywhere. Will I make it again? Maybe…I’d love to see it in a linen, but only if the awkward sleeve dart has been resolved.


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  1. I do like your top…it’s…to me…carefree with beautiful colors for a summer day. Your yard is beautiful also!

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