Sneak Peek at my ASE Push the Envelope Contest Entry

Every fall in Novi Michigan the American Sewing Expo comes to town with vendors, classes, exhibits and contests. Years ago when I owned MeinkeToy I was a vendor. Now I go for fun.

This year I had the bright idea to enter a contest and I chose theĀ Push the Envelope contest sponsored by American & Efird. I have no idea what the prizes are – isn’t that strange? Anyway, I chose that one because when pushed by competition I tend to get “out there” and the idea behind this contest is to “push the envelope”. Also, a requirement is to include tassels, textures and trims in the entry, and since I used to make tassels I thought I was all set.

So I mailed my entry and $10 fee to get a package of items that had to be used at least once in the project. I received:

1. Signature Poly Core Midnight thread
2. Signature Tex 40 Variegated Grey Shades thread
3. Serge-Well Khaki thread
4. 4″ Red YKK Antique Brass Fashion Zipper with ball pull

The threads were easy-peasy to get into pretty much anything. But the zipper! It was adorable, high quality and HEAVY. I swear the zip shouted “BAG”, but I don’t enjoy making bags, so that was out. I wanted a garment, but not a jacket. I wanted something much more out of the ordinary. Here’s a peek at what I made. I’ll post the entire thing, and how I thought this up, after the judging.

4" Antique Red Zipper

This is where my zipper went. And some trim, and some more zips.

Tiny Tassels w/antique button

Here are some tiny tassels on an antique crystal button. And more zips…

It took pretty much FOREVER to make this project. After hand sewing some of the things that could not be machine sewed both my thumbs had tendonitis so bad I had to wear splints for a couple days. I nearly quit! But, I finished and about a week early, too.

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  1. Love this! I think I can guess what you made.

  2. Such tantalizing details, Deb! Good luck!

    • I ha;#n&8217dt thought about the wireless as an option. That’s a neat idea, so long as DHCP is available. You could go a step further and mount a small LCD on the front. When it connects you’ll know which IP to go to. Very nice. There are of course all those situations where one needs a portable NAS…

  3. Vancouver Barbara

    It looks terrific on you now. Brava!

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  5. Just finding this, and I LOVE it! I have this pattern but was afraid it would billow around me (overwhelming me, as you thought your dress version did). But the tunic, with your mods, is wonderful – thanks for sharing!

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