Sep 15

Another redo – Simplicity 1198

I made Simplicity 1198 view E a few months ago. Ugh… Big FAIL! I struggled with the slithery rayon/lycra jersey. Just looking at it the wrong way made it pucker. I made a size XS, but easily could have gone down to the smallest size, a XXS. The thing turned out huge. The neckline was weirdly wide and unflattering. The drape at the right side made a pocket-like thing that hit me at the wrong place making me look 10 lbs heavier. It was just wrong all the way around and into the time-out corner it went.

After my winner redo last week I dug it back out to give it another go. The drape needed to come off so I slit the right side seam from bottom to armpit. That made the drape section fall down at a diagonal. I could have hemmed it and left it that way (with a bit of evening-up) but I wanted something else. Rayon knits tend to hit the tummy area and hang there. Any bit of muffin top ends up with a banner on it. So I thought making a knot with the excess fabric at the side would serve as a bottom band for the top, helping the fabric to flow over the belly instead of sticking there. It worked 🙂

Then I wanted a bit of contrast to break up all the orange so I did a reverse coverstitch around the neckline and sleeve hems, right over the original non-reverse coverstiching I previously did.

I didn’t take up the neckline or take in the sides (other than re-sewing the right side seam with a 1/4″ seam, but the new version fits better everywhere. Must be some kind of magic in that knot!

chango top

Feb 14

Distracted Sewing: Kirsten Kimono Tee (free pattern)

I admit being distracted is usually my normal state. But when I made this tee, I was having a serious brain fart. Good thing it was so easy and idiot proof that it still worked!

The Kirsten Kimono Tee is available as a free download when you sign up for MariaDenmark’s newsletter. Don’t worry, she won’t spam you or anything. It’s only two pieces and so easy to sew up.

My fabric was a twisted mess of a piece of rayon jersey from Girl Charlee. I had washed and dried it a couple times, tried to iron it and make do, but it was just, ugh. Since this was a quickie muslin to check fit I used it anyway. It was a tie-dye print that was much to tie-dye-ish in person, so I used it wrong side out.

So after fighting with it and cutting the two pieces out I noticed something was off… oh, yeah, the stretch was going in the wrong direction (top-down instead of side-side). Holding it up to me it seemed that it might still fit so I started sewing. Then I cut the neck binding too narrow…and tried to use it anyway. Big mistake, and had to cut it off. I made a new binding wider than the directions called for, and it worked for the most part. It’s not as tight as I would like it, but it looks ok with the boat-neck style.

This will end up being a great gardening tee for summer time.