Jan 16

A Feel-Good Shirt: Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic

I have a Land’s End pull-over tunic that is just so perfect for me – fit, shape, fabric, etc. It’s 100% cotton and has some fancy-ish faux hand stitching around the placket and pockets, it’s just loose enough and long enough to wear with leggings, but not too oversized. I’ve been eyeing tunic patterns looking to make similar to that holy grail tunic. The Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic/Dress was my first try.

Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic

I made it up in Robert Kaufman’s Chambray Mini Cannabis Leaf print. Is that a pot leaf on that fabric? Yup – it sure is! It’s all about relieving suffering for people with medical conditions. No, I’m not a pot-head! I’ve just seen too much suffering.

Anyway, the tunic has a few options – band or regular collar, long or cuffed 3/4 sleeves, tunic or dress length. I kept it simple with a band collar but used long sleeves. The pattern is very nice and the instructions are very easy to follow. The sizing and ease is what you would expect from this type of garment. I did my normal pear adjustment and went up a size in the hips.

My only complaint is something that was my fault – it feels a little plain. I should have put the regular collar on it as I don’t think band collar do me any good. It screams at me that it needs patch pockets and yes I can still add those, and I think the sleeves would be better as the cuffed 3/4 length.

Gallery tunic back

Despite the details I should have added, I still love this tunic! It’s so easy to wear and feels great on. I will be making more of these.


Sep 15

Vogue 9112 Cirque dress – redo, and LOVE!

Who said there are no second chances? Not me! Here’s my V9112 Cirque dress redo:

Cirque NEW front

Cirque NEW back

Love, love, love it!!!!

If you’re wondering what the first one looked like here it is…

To do this first I removed the side seam pockets (yes I cried a bit here, I’m a pocket lover). I needed to do this because the next thing was to cut dress horizontally (front and back) about 6″ under the arm hole. I played a bit, holding it up to find the optimal length, finally cutting about 4″ off the bottom part at that cut (the plain blue fabric). Then I took in the side seams on the bottom portion of the dress to match the circumference of the top portion, tapering to nothing at the hem. I sewed the top and bottom together with a 3/4″ seam allowance just in case I wanted more length, but never needed it. Then I took some length off the front hem only – maybe 2″ right in front, tapering to nothing at the sides.

Cirque front detail

Here is the seam I added just under the bust.

Cirque shoulder detail

At the shoulder I tucked under about 1 1/2″ and just sewed it down. I’d like to add some interesting buttons here when I find the right ones. You can see the random tucks and puckers I took with the collar after flipping the edge down. I really love the airiness of the collar this way, rather than standing up more. I see my collar serging is peeking out…it doesn’t do this when I wear it – I promise!

Here’s before and after:

Cirque before & after

Big difference! I can see that the initial lengthening of the dress is not what caused my problem. I’m short waisted and needed some of the fabric taken up and out for it to fit my frame better. That and I like to wear tunics more than dresses!

Don’t give up on your projects that don’t initially work out. It may actually be a jewel in the making!

Feb 14

A Flannel Tunic: Simplicity 2255

I ran across this flannel one day…it was thick and lovely. It felt like a blanket to wear. Perfect for a tunic over leggings. Perfect for Simplicity 2255, because this pattern has an option with little ruffles along side the upper button placket. I love plaid flannel, but I want it to be just a little feminine.

This was my first time working with plaid anything, so I was a plaid matching virgin. I did just fine except for the button placket. I had just run out of plaid matching fabric and had to go with the only available strip left. I would have loved a bias cut placket.

I love this shirt. My family must be sick of seeing me in it. It really feels like I’m wearing a favorite blankey…a blankey that fits.

Simplicity 2255


It’s hard to see, but instead of turning a narrow hem on the ruffles I just serged the edges. The look is great on the flannel (gray thread), and the ruffles are much softer than they would have been with a hem.



The tunic has vertical darts on the back for great shaping.



Yay! Matchy, matchy!