Vogue 9112 Cirque dress – redo, and LOVE!

Who said there are no second chances? Not me! Here’s my V9112 Cirque dress redo:

Cirque NEW front

Cirque NEW back

Love, love, love it!!!!

If you’re wondering what the first one looked like here it is…

To do this first I removed the side seam pockets (yes I cried a bit here, I’m a pocket lover). I needed to do this because the next thing was to cut dress horizontally (front and back) about 6″ under the arm hole. I played a bit, holding it up to find the optimal length, finally cutting about 4″ off the bottom part at that cut (the plain blue fabric). Then I took in the side seams on the bottom portion of the dress to match the circumference of the top portion, tapering to nothing at the hem. I sewed the top and bottom together with a 3/4″ seam allowance just in case I wanted more length, but never needed it. Then I took some length off the front hem only – maybe 2″ right in front, tapering to nothing at the sides.

Cirque front detail

Here is the seam I added just under the bust.

Cirque shoulder detail

At the shoulder I tucked under about 1 1/2″ and just sewed it down. I’d like to add some interesting buttons here when I find the right ones. You can see the random tucks and puckers I took with the collar after flipping the edge down. I really love the airiness of the collar this way, rather than standing up more. I see my collar serging is peeking out…it doesn’t do this when I wear it – I promise!

Here’s before and after:

Cirque before & after

Big difference! I can see that the initial lengthening of the dress is not what caused my problem. I’m short waisted and needed some of the fabric taken up and out for it to fit my frame better. That and I like to wear tunics more than dresses!

Don’t give up on your projects that don’t initially work out. It may actually be a jewel in the making!

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    • Love it! The dress was oddly dowdy, the tunic is much more flattering and younger looking.

    • Your website has to be the eleonrctic Swiss army knife for this topic.

    • Hi Lisa,Just dropped by to say hello and to wish you a wonderful day!Have missed blogging and now getting back into this again.God bless you.Hugs

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    • Bonjour Poivre Bleu !!!Alors je t’avoue que ton article est à la hauteur de mes espérances, et je suis heureuse de voir que pour toi aussi, Couture 2008 est un beau chypré moderne.J’ose espérer que sa longévité ne sera pas trop courte et que l’on pourra s’en délecter longtemps, comme Narciso que j’aime aussi dans le genre.A très bientôt,

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  1. Looks so very much better! The proportions look better on you! I would have put it in the garbage, great save. Bring it next month!

  2. oh, well done! I find many times a design can use substantial tweaking in order for it to be just right for the intended wearer – good think you were not afraid to go for it and now you have a great wardrobe piece.

    I’ve made this one twice so far (on my blog if anyone is interested). I’m wearing one now – perfect for this heat wave 🙂 I usually wear long necklaces which tamp down the collar a bit, though if i layer them up in winter i’ll likely leave them up for warmth. I am on the lookout for some solids to make up a couple in neutral fabrics, my previous makes are both stunning prints.

    Enjoy your tunic! Thanks for this post, it is always so useful to see how different people manipulate the same design so that it works for them.

  3. So much cuter! And, OMG, your hair is adorable!

  4. […] my winner redo last week I dug it back out to give it another go. The drape needed to come off so I slit the right side […]

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    • Beautiful little purses you have there! LOVE them with the fabrics you chose. I would love to win one of these in any color! Thanks for the chance to win!Susanfredsinthehead (at) gmail (dot) comwww.fredsinthehead.blogspot.com

    • Congrats on the new camera! It looks awesome 😀 Sweet that you got it early, you really do seem to have nice parents.My camera broke down in August and I still haven’t had money to replace it. But Christmas isn’t that far away *pokes Santa*

    • Well, Goody is on a tear, aren’t they? This is cute but it would be slipping off my slopey, little head in a matter of minutes. No TJ’s around us but those mango bars sound intriguing. I think I’d be into the coffee ones, though!

  5. I love your Cirque Tunic and I’m going to make one! Deb

  6. Love it. I turned my Cirque Dress into a top and wear it all the time now.

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  8. Just seeing this, and I love it! I have this pattern and feared I would feel like I was covered in billowing fabric, but your mods to the tunic version are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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